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Spice It Up with Creative Dating Ideas

Have you and your sweetheart already fallen into a rut? Maybe you need some creative dating ideas to spark enthusiasm and romance in your nights and weekends together. 

Don’t run when you hear "creative ideas" because you think Martha Stewart may pop out. Your dating ideas could be something as simple as cooking up a fancy, little appetizer together and enjoying it with a glass of wine while watching the sunset. 

Other creative dating ideas might be:

  • Driving around on errands, etc.: While the two of you are driving back to your place, you surprise him with a quick stop at Dairy Queen for the kind of ice cream treat he used to order as a kid.

  • En route to dinner: If taking him out to dinner, blindfold him during the drive. Offer him a crisp $10 bill (that he could use to splurge on a really fancy drink) if he can guess where you are when you pull up at your destination. (Tip: Make it somewhat easy for him to succeed without peeking.)

  • Creating a mystery date: He arrives without a clue of what you are doing that night. Set him in motion on a mystery hunt that makes him search around your home and yard for clues of what you’ll be doing that night. Be sure to let him know, in advance, the appropriate attire to where for the evening.

  • Watching movies: Cook up a batch of appetizers, popcorn and frozen drinks. Indulge your taste buds, light some candles, bury yourselves in blankets (if its cold outside) and settle in for an evening of eating, drinking, handholding, and movie-watching.
Being creative with your dating ideas never has to be about spending a lot of money or doing something really extravagant. Instead, it can simply be about applying creativity and a little advance planning to anything you do. ‘Dinner out’ becomes a ‘blindfolded adventure with a little money prize’. An errand run becomes a ‘fun trip down memory lane with your childhood sweet tooth’. The simple addition of the unexpected transforms the routine dating ideas into creative dating ideas.

Wanting extravagant creative dating ideas? Have a really special event coming up that you need to plan for? Check out this page! 
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